Jepara Pallasite

Jepara Pallasite is crystalized with “bubbles” of gem Peridot (olivine) dispersed within the original nickel iron matrix that has converted to Magnetite over it’s many millions of years in our oxygen rich atmosphere.

It was discovered in Java in 2008. It has probably been on Earth 600 to 700 million years.

TITAN METIS Jepara Pallisite face

Only about 1% of all meteorites found are of the Pallasite classification with their combination of metal and precious stone. They originally come from the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
Faceted Peridot from Jepara Pallasite Meteorite

Seymchan Pallasite was discovered in the Madagan region of Russia in 1967. Its Peridot is surrounded by coarse octahedral nickel iron that has not yet oxidized. It is considered a very stable and rust resistant pallasite.
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