Origin: Deep Space

Each watch dial is unique and older than any other substance on Earth....

All Made in Germany with Swiss Quartz movements, except the 2 Automatics that are movements from Japan.

All watches are Water Resistant to 50 meters (except Atik which is good to 100 meters or 10 atm.) 
All watches come with a 2 year warranty on movements. 
All watches have mineral or sapphire crystals. 

Very sharp looking. 

         “The coolest thing around.”
                                 Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter

All come with laminated info cards with statistics about each meteorite occurrence. Some, not all, have Troilite inclusions, a mineral that is FeS with no oxygen molecule attached to the S. Can only occur in Outer Space or a total vacuum. 

The 2012 Spring Edition of Gems and Gemology (GIA's fabulous periodical) referenced these watches in their "Seen at Tucson" section.

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